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[DO] - An Alien Arena Concept Clan

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The idea behind the Duces of Orion is pretty simple.  We don't care if you aren't the best player in the world, that's not what we are about.  However, if you are a top notch player that's excellent too!  The main thing is that we have a great time playing together.  The clan dynamic encourages your success and shares that value with all its members.  The clan is structured in a self governing format with hunger for every level of player, and supports all of those players as a community.  We define success as all things you can do well, and not just your gaming skills.  It applies to anything you attempt, including friendship, mentoring and celebrity.

There is a ladder to climb here, this isn't a clan you simply join and you're done.  You should always be cimbing and that should always be fun and rewarding as well as propelling you on to your next level of personal achievement.  That being said, your victories and achievements belong to the clan as much as they belong to you; we are all working together to gain those achievements and so they belong to the collective us. Your success is desired, revered and celebrated.

Remember: it is the cumulative value of the clan's members that make it succeed.  The least of its members are as important as the greatest.  This is our clan.  See the "About Us" menu for a detailed explanation of our format.

The Duces of Orion has a back story that parallels the back story for Alien Arena written by Sinn (click on "The [DO] Story" menu to read) .  If you haven't read Sinn's story, it can be found in the README.txt (i.e. \program files\Alien Arena\docs\README.TXT for Windows and ~\alien-arena\docs\README.TXT for Linux).  The story is in the Introduction, in a subsection called "Alien Arena : Many are called, only one will reign supreme." 

If you don't like to read stories like ours and Alien Arena's and you are detracted from our format, then this probably isn't the clan for you.  We are looking for intelligent, like minded people to form lasting friendships with and to help make the clan succeed.


Please sign the guest book if you get a chance!  You don't have to be in the clan to post in the forum.  However, if you do we request you create an account.  We will never ever use your info for anything!

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